Urban Audio Warfare

by FGFC820

(free) 05:38


FGFC820's debut full-length album, released on NoiTekk, Gravitator! and COP International Records.


released April 1, 2006



all rights reserved


FGFC820 New York, New York

Trust in us; we know what's best.
Violence and civil unrest.


  • Oct 06
    Los Angeles, CA

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Track Name: Society (SHNARPH! Remix)
Every time I walk down the street
I wanna kill half the people I meet
Mindless zombies just running around
Like sheep for the slaughter
They don't seem to understand
They soil the world with their dirty hands
They're content to follow along
And to take what they're given

I don't need their condescension
I don't care what they do to me
I won't confirm to their conventions
In this fucked up society
You've got to come to senses
Break free from the grand design
See through their false pretenses
See the truth behind their lies

Users feed on innocence
Like a virus spread their ignorance
Isolate, fornicate and consume
Without ever evolving
They don't seem to understand
They grab at the world with their grimy hands
They're content to follow the crowd
And to do what they're told
Track Name: GBA (VE Mix)
This is the end of days
Will you defend what you believe?
Cast off your evil ways
Or join the practice to deceive?

Forget what you're fighting for
As they die on your television
Win the peace to win the war
Did you make the right decision?

God Bless America
How can you sleep at night?
God Bless America
If you refuse to fight?

God Bless America
Just another casualty
God Bless America
Find out that freedom's not free.

Hear the chorus of the dead
Sacrificing for their nation
Heed the voices in your head
it's time for the next invasion