Homeland Insecurity

by FGFC820



released June 1, 2012



all rights reserved


FGFC820 New York, New York

Trust in us; we know what's best.
Violence and civil unrest.


  • Oct 06
    Los Angeles, CA

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Track Name: In Country (CanCon Version)
We've got a message for the DOD
We've come to question their integrity
Eyes opened and bodies charred
We're turning in our values cards

No heart and all of the power
They smoke cigars in the Victory Tower
Never ever had to pay their dues
Tax collectors dressed in ACUs.

So lost in your dementia
This world is out to get you
How will you ever find your way back home?
Stop lossed for your retention
Guess they forgot to mention
Once you're in country you can never go home

A young widow puts her son to bed
Too young to know that his Daddy is dead
He joined the Guard for the GI Bill
Now he's a number on Capitol Hill

How could we ever let it go this far?
The lonely target of an S&R
Blood stains on his uniform
His body's cold, but his gun is still warm
Track Name: Love Until Death (unmastered sample)
Twisted desire grows stronger inside
Each day the fire gets harder to hide
Obsession begins in fastidious ways
Skin touches skin in unsightly displays
I fear a smile is starting to show
As I'm looking down on your body below
With every heartbeat your vanity falls
With every whisper insanity calls

Love...love until death.
I love you to death.

These are the things that are bothering me
These are the sights that a man should not see
This is the poison I'm swallowing whole
These are the signs that I'm losing control
I wouldn't stay if I thought it would show
But I want it more than you EVER will know
Suck down my sorrow, get lost in the pain
My world is burning and I stoke the flames